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Get to Know the Smith Family

The People That Make It Possible


Avila Valley Barn is a second generation farm owned by the Smith family. Debbie Smith was hired by the DeVincenzo family in 1986 to live at the farm and meet customers to sell fruit at the ring of a bell. During that time there wasn't a single tree planted nor was there any buildings. There was a simple pop-up tent and some boxes of fresh produce Debbie had picked up that morning straight from local farms. 

Skip forward to today and you will find a thriving business that is pleasing to all of your senses. Upon arrival you smell fresh baked sweets, garlic bread toasting, and ripe fruits ready for picking. Bright colors of apples, peaches, cherries, onions, golden honey, flowers and more greet you at the door. Background sounds of kids playing and goats talking. Debbie designed this farm for an experience unlike any other, with your family in mind! She knew how since she is a mother of 7! 

Over the years Debbie became partners with the DeVincenzo family buying into the farm and taking ownership. Her kids ran the tractor rides, corn stand, produce floor and ice cream shop with all of their friends. Two of their seven children, twins Jake and Jesse Smith, had always dreamt of continuing their parents legacy.

In 2019, the dream to become a second generation farm was realized. Debbie in her 70's determined it was time to step down. Jake, Jesse and Jake's wife, Raven, had been training for this moment. The three work together to keep things much the same for the communities enjoyment. Jake's main focus is the farm, Jesse's main focus is the food operations and Raven's is general management, farming and hard cider production. Hope to see you out at the farm!


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