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July & August

We grow a wide range of peaches that you cannot find in stores. They are known for their juiciness, flavor, and sugar content. Since our orchard is young we have limited quantities available which are 100% you-pick.


July - October

Our raspberries produce most of summer and fall making them a popular destination for our you-pickers. Feel free to sample them out in the field.


August - December

We grow a wide range of apples for you-pick including Mutsu, Gala, Fuji, Empire, Jonalicious, and Granny Smith. Visit our other fruit stand Gopher Glen to sample over 65 varieties. 


September - November

We grow the biggest pumpkins around with the most beautiful stems. Pumpkin you-pick is our most popular season!

Black Berries

July - November

Don't worry, our canes are thornless and our berries are big, sweet, and juicy!



The canes are more and more rare to get ahold of but we will have these replanted and growing for your enjoyment in 2021.


June - August

Come out and try our heirloom apricots. We grow Gold Rush cots. They're available for a short window, so don't miss it!

Cut Flowers

July - October

Come try your hand at cutting and designing your own bouquet! We have beautiful flowers each year for your enjoyment.




Our animals are raised without antibiotics on pasture and recycled vegetables. Our animals are a part of a bigger picture where they feed our soils, our soils feed our crops, and our crops feed us. Animals are an important resource for creating healthy soils. We carry grass-fed lamb, pastured turkeys, and pastured eggs.


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