Pasture Raised Lamb (Half) Deposit

Pasture Raised Lamb (Half) Deposit


Avila Valley Barn lamb is raised on rotationally grazed open pasture right here in San Luis Obispo. We implement ethical practices every step of the way and we never feed our lambs grains, antibiotics or hormones. As a result, the flavor of our meat is unbeatable. Supermarket lamb can't compare to the clean and succulent taste of our cuts. Our half lamb box comes with 20-25 lbs. of cuts and includes:


1 rack

6 loin/rib chops

Sirloin chops

Shoulder chops

1 leg roast

2 shanks

Riblets & stew meat

Ground lamb


Actual composition of box may vary depending on size of animal. Cuts will come vacuumed sealed, boxed, and frozen. This fee is just a reservation, remaining payment will be due upon pickup at Avila Valley Barn. Total cost will range from $300 to $375 ($15.00/lb). Buying by the animal vs cut saves you on average $11.50/lb. If you would like to sample the meat, we have cuts available in our freezer section ranging from  $19.95-$39.95/lb. Please leave in the notes if you would like a smaller or larger animal.