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experience rustic farm life at Avila Valley Barn

We are conveniently located off highway 101 in the beautiful Avila Valley. The farm is open to the public during our business hours so please come out and enjoy the beauty along side us. 


We use healthy soils practices meaning we use compost, green ground cover, animal grazing, and lots of biodiversity! We do not use pesticides! This means it is safe for your family to walk into the field and eat fruit and veggies 365 days of the year. We're pretty proud of that!


Current Hours 

Stand Hours:

Thursday - Monday 9am-5pm

Corn Roaster Hours:

Closed for the winter

ETA: May 15, 2022


BBQ Hours:

Thursday - Monday 11am - 5pm

Sweet Shoppe Hours:

Thursday - Monday 10am-5pm


Hay Rides ($5):

Closed for season

ETA: May 15, 2022


Pony Rides ($6):

Closed for the season

ETA: May 15, 2022